Booking a taxi for the FIFA World Cup (St. Petersburg)

We hope that our taxi guide in St. Petersburg will help you in time to get to the football match of the world Cup in Russia. Unlike London or new York city, St. Petersburg does not have its own official city taxi. Work only with private taxi operators. Call a taxi via phone or mobile app. Please note that the taxi must be paid in cash or by credit card. We want to upset the Chinese fans of the world Cup. Payment by UnionPay card is not possible!

How much is a taxi in Saint-Petersburg? From the city center to the airport (or in the opposite direction) the price will be 800 rubles ($13 or 11 Euro). Trains from Pulkovo airport (Saint Petersburg) to the stadium is St. Petersburg (where the matches of football world Cup) will be 1200 rubles (20$ or 17 Euro)

How to pay for the trip? A train on a taxi in St. Petersburg you will need to pay in cash in Russian rubles or by credit card.

Yandex taxi. Yandex.Taxi is a service that allows you to quickly call a taxi without calling the dispatcher and monitor the implementation of the order on the map. You can order a taxi on the website or via the mobile application for Android and IOS smartphones. The average time of delivery of the machine — about 4-5 minutes.

You can pay for the trip both in cash and by credit card in the mobile application

Taxi Taxovichkof is a popular taxi among the residents of St. Petersburg. Taxi Taxovichkof can be ordered through the phone +7812-330-00-20, the application on Android and Iphone or through the website (the Site is in English).

Machine brand (green in color). In the car taxi Taxovichkof: Wi-Fi, recharge your phone, pay by credit card. You can pay for a taxi ride on a Bank card directly in the car! In each car «Taxovichkof» there is a small Bank terminal for receiving plastic cards, which allows passengers to do without banknotes.

As we wrote above the site works in English, but the names of the streets you have to write in Russian. For reference, the stadium of St. Petersburg on the website is written in Russian — Стадион Крестовский (Футбольная аллея 1)

068 Petersburg taxi. «Petersburg taxi 068» is one of the largest taxi companies in St. Petersburg, which has established itself as a reliable partner, ensuring a high level of service, comfort and safety along the way. You can order a taxi through the website (There is an English version) or by phone +7-812-324-77-77. Payment by credit cards VISA, MasterCard. Car brand.



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