Catherine Park, Tsarskoe Selo, Saint Petersburg

The cost of tickets to the Catherine Park : Entrance to the Catherine Park is paid from may 2 to October 20. Adults – 120 RUB. Visitors under 16 years stay free of charge.

Catherine Park opening hours:in may and June the Park is open from 7:00 to 23: 00. In July and August, the Park is open from 7:00 to 22:00. From September to April, the Park is open from 7:00 to 21:00

Catherine palace. Tickets to the Catherine Palace are sold upon presentation of the entrance ticket to the Catherine Park. Adult (special rate for Russian tax residents) – 700 RUB for Adults (base rate) – 1 000 RUB., Pensioners of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Belarus – RUB 350 Students, conscripts, members of unions of artists, architects and designers of Russia is 350 rubles Students (16 years old), students – 350 RUB. Visitors under 16 years stay free of charge.

Cameron gallery

Empress Catherine II conceived a gallery for walks and small talk. Architect Cameron gallery Charles Cameron

The mirror ponds


АдмиралтействоChesme column

Чесменская колонна
Turkish bath

Турецкая баняEntrance to the pavilion Turkish bath fee. For adults is 200 rubles, for children from the age of 16 -100 rubles, for children up to 16 years free

Marble bridge

Upper ponds

Squeaky gazebo

Concert hall

Fountain girl with a jug

Exit from the Catherine Park is located in a completely different place, not where you went. It is located near the Hermitage kitchen.

Where can you eat in the Catherine Park (Pushkin)? You can eat in the cafe which is located in the Catherine Park.

Not far from the Catherine Park there is a good cafe » Estate»

If you went to Tsarskoye Selo with a child that bring a loaf of bread. You will want to feed the ducks and ducklings

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